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    November 4, 2013
    3:30 - 4:01pm PST  

hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it is time for great videos and stories behind them "right this minute." a driver decides to pull a u-ey and watch what happens. >> how a little boy survived a right turn russian style a convenience store customer heads for the zoor but you see him start to back up. >> why mistaken identity led to a deputy's drastic moves a quad cop ter is following a skateboarders every move. see the moment you knew was
coming. plus, we've got the buzz word for your shot to win a new flat screen tv and a flat-faced cat is a breakout star in china. the rest of the world is getting on the ban wagon. >> how snoopy davis getting ready for his close-up. when vehicles crash into convenience stores, we always here, my foot slipped off the brake and hit the accelerator. that's what the police say the woman in this mini-van claimed. this is inside a convenience store. notice the man walking out the door. as soon as he walks out, boom, he is knocked back into the counter. >> was that a cop? he looks like he has some kind of security badge. >> i think he is a security officer. he is not a cop. no one seriously hurt in this incident. witnesses say the driver seems kind of dazed but she is facing three charges, failure to carry a license, no insurance and
unsafe movement. pay attention to that white car you see making a sharp right turn in front of the dash cam. see that? >> that's a little boy. he starts running to catch up with the car. >> the door just swung open and the kid fell out. >> according to police, they don't know if the door just came open or if the little boy opened it. they say the little boy wasn't in the proper seat nor did he have the proper restraints in the taxi. >> what kind of driving maneuver was this car doing? what was this driver doing, donuts mt. middle of the road? >> it looks like it was making a sharp right turn or a u-turn from where they were. the taxi picked up the child and his corvette. the corvette, pretty fast and sexy. whether you get it all amped up, it is faster, specially when you add a little bit of nitrous oxide. he is ready to do his race. he is going to race a mile and
see how fast he can get his corvette up to speed. he has a bit of a mechanical issue. the engine doesn't sound to be running quite right. then, there is a little bit of smoke coming into the cockpit of the corvette. the flames coming out of the engine compartment. they believe it was some sort of nitrous malfunction that caused the fire. the car is still rolling. he is trying to get himself out of this flaming car. a little bit of an issue getting out. the car still rolling as he jumps out the door. >> they were looking at the dash. it wasn't just a little fire. how do you not prevent this? >> if the part brakes or something malfunctions, you can't equate for all problems. >> the martials get out there and manage to put the fire out. >> here is the crispy corvette. >> was the driver okay? >> not aware of any injuries to the driver.
>> a couple of terrifying moments caught on camera. this first one at a convenience store in las vegas, nevada. there is a man making a purchase at the counter. that is 30-year-old antoine hodges. he heads toward the door. watch what happens. you see him start to back up. an officer is on his way in with his weapon drawn telling hodges to put his hands up. >> was he wanted by police? >> that's the crazy story behind this video, gail. according to are the rhos, this officer, a veteran officer, jason evans, saw this man walking into the convenience store and thought that he matched the description of a suspect, of a double homicide that happened the night before. of course, hodges, he starts backing up. according to reports, he is saying, hey, i didn't do anything, i didn't do anything. as he backs up, has one hand in the air but his other hand appears to be reaching toward the direction of his back pocket. in that moment, officer evans fired his weapon at hodges striking him in the abdomen.
>> hodges had nothing to do with the double homicide, just matched a description. >> it really was all mistaken identity. >> it does look in the video like he could possibly be reaching for a weapon. >> i wonder in the heat of the moment if you have never been in trouble with the police, he could be reaching to are his wallet, here is my identity. >> he has no idea he matches the description of a double homicide suspect. >> hodges was wounded, taken to the hospital and released and expected to recover. officer evans is on administrative leave pending an investigation. the next video is dash cam footage from an officer's car in toronto. you hear an officer saying, put the knife down, put the knife down. >> watch what happens. >> oh, my gosh. >> a toronto poce officer backing up with his weapon drawn. that is a 52-year-old woman brandishing a knife chasing after this officer.
according to reports, she had called 911 herself saying she wanted to kill her own mother. officers arrived on the scene. she became violent and aggressive with the officers as she is charging at them. you also hear three shots fired. those shots fired ended up fatally wounding this 52-year-old woman and according to reports, 24 was a mentally ill woman diagnosed with bipolar disorder. this video is just now being released, because it is part of an ongoing inquest into this shooting. all right, everybody. here is a little reminder. coming up in just a little bit, the rtm flat screen tv giveaway. >> you need the monday buzz word and a u.s. resident and 18 or older to enter. >> you can win a flat screen tv, the buzz word coming up in a little bit. >> great way to start the week. good luck, everybody. >> you record really cool things
happening. don't do this. here is a quadcopter recording cool footage of the skater on the skate park. the copter is following most of the moves. there is one. >> wow! >> that was just poor planning. there was no communication between the skater and the guy flying the cop ter. >> what do you mean, there is no communication? what was he supposed to say? >> i am going to do a really cool stunt that we skaters are known for. i am going to fling myself up into your flight space so maybe elevate a few more feet. >> you would think it would be a conversation you would have before this started. i am going to do three tricks and go back forth, back forth, on the fourth one, i'm going to flip into the air with my legs flailing. >> you have to take into account this guy could be free form and go wherever he feels like his
body wants to move. i think it is operator error. i never blame the helicopter for this stuff. >> they are known as the slo-mo guys and this time they are blowing some stuff up. >> see how they create great balls of fire. >> dudes bust a move. you will never guess what happens next? >> what do you think happens? >> the surprise appearance to join them on the show. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. live the regular life. one square inch of deliciously smooth chocolate in creamy milk... or rich dark. incredible indulgence. one square inch of bliss. hershey's bliss.
you guys remember the slow-mo guys. this time, they are blowing stuff up. this time, they say electronics arts gave them a call. they are releasing their newest battlefield 4 game where you can see all kinds of stuff explode. they said, hey, guys, to celebrate, why don't you blow some stuff up. they got a couple of grenades and they did. >> grenades? >> grenades. here is the camera and this big plexiglas thing they got to protect them, because they are blowing stuff up. >> he drops it. >> he waits until it hits the ground and then runs. this is going at 2500 frames per second. it does dust-up the gravel. >> that's not the gravel. that's the shrapnel and the shock inside the grenade. that's what makes them so deadly. >> now, they are dropping it
into a little pond that's nearby. >> pond, that's a puddle? >> it is not gravel. it is not a pond. it is water. watch him blow something up with water around it. >> that is like right in front of him. >> like two feet from this thing. >> you no know what would be rey cool? if we blew up something explosive. >> look what they find. compressed gas. >> there is all kinds of stuff that is explosive inside this building. whoa! >> he had to do aart >> one side blew up and then a secondary exposure. >> that's awesome. they get a little closer to inspect some of this handiwork. the door is still smoldering. zi can feel the heat from this video.
boarding. be prepared to have some good old fasted fun watching this video from the youtube page of pfl blog. he was hanging out in his office building. this fellow on halloween day just breaking it down. >> rocking out on the street like nobody is watching. i love it. >> we can't hear exactly what he is dancing to but he has moves. >> he is proud, excited, having a blast. eventually, he realizes that the camera is on him. he seems like he is thinking.
what should i do? should i pretend like nobody is happening. >> he is considering his next move. >> what do you think happen happens? >> he moves the camera. >> i am going to say he turns into michael jackson. >> he gets a visitor. >> no way. >> it is m.c. hammer. >> one of the guy's coworkers was dressed as m.c. hammer for halloween. he says, i am going to go out and join him. you can hear the music. >> do they dance together? >> he got back in his car. >> he gets out. he gets up on the sidewalk. >> i can't tell you how much i absolutely love this. >> they are both having a blast on the side of the road. can you imagine being a person lucky enough to drive passed this scene? it's a terrifying moment when this happens. >> snap. >> a big bummer when this
happens. >> oh! but are they real or all a fake setup. ebaum's world is next. one thing that is real, the rtm flat screen tv giveaway. all you need is monday's buzz word for your chance to win.
it's time for real or fake videos with matt dreidel from ebaum's world.
happy november! >> thanks, you guys. i shaved my mustache just in time. so bring your mustaches on, november. let's get into our real estate videos. video number one. ♪ >> oh. >> oh! >> i don't think so. >> i believe that the tank came in to view and pointed the barrel of the gun at this cram but i don't believe that it actually fired. >> it just looked animated. >> i don't think their black box would have survived that hit. >> i disagree. i say real, because, keep in mind, cameras can be one place and the recording devices can be some place else. this cob just a security camera or hidden camera somewhere. >> next, you are dead wrong. >> the amateur edit goes down when this thing is about to fire. you can see the film strip effect. there is no need for that.
100% fake. >> video number two. >> why would they do that? why would they have a ton of kids racing there? >> the kid got taken out. did you see him? he got his right leg hacked by one of the other kids. why? >> that little boy, i think he got hurt, little fellow. >> i think all around, we all think it is real. >> yeah. >> i think it is real too. one thing to look for, everybody else's reaction. >> definitely shocked when it goes down. there is nothing set up. 100% real. >> video number three. >> coochy-co. >> there is no way this is a video of tickle be a --
>> i think water might be the thing that's missing. this is fake but this is awesome. how to fake a video. great videos yet again. >> happy movember. >> we expect to see your sweet stash next week. half american, half persian, has a flat face and a cute knows and nose. snoopy babe is popular in china. this is one cute cat. >> look at that face. >> oh, he is cute. >> here you have a video of just this cat getting a blow dry. >> this is china's version of our grumpy cat. grumpy cat went wildly popular in the state. this is snoop who? >> snoopy babe. >> this reminds me more of boo,
the world's cutest dog. this is the cat version of boo. >> that is a good-looking cat? >> the cat is wearing pearls. >> good observation, nick. you see, this cat likes to wear pearls and hats. at least, that's what the owner puts on snoopy cat. >> the cat has all kinds of necklaces. >> this is very super cute its that time, the great rtm flat screen tv giveaway. >> it's your chance to win a 42-inch flat screen tv. you need the buzz word and 18 or older and a u.s. resident. >> enter on our facebook page. go to the first post on our facebook page and tap on that mobile link. >> so, beth, it is time to reveal monday's buzz word. it is waterspout. >> now, head on over to forward slash right this minute and click on the win of flat screen tv button. >> and enter monday's buzz word,
waterspout, waterspout. for your chance to win a flat screen tv, good luck, everybody it was a pumpkin carving contest that was truly out of this world when pumpkins meet nasa now, if it is a lot of brilliant scientist, it is not going to be the kind of pumpkin carving that we did. >> see the masterpieces and find out the winners from one of the judges,
you've heard about ltd screens, liquid crystal displays. this is a whole new meaning to liquid displays. this is an interface using a tub of water. the image is projected on to the water. watt the water is filled with some sort of salt to give it a milky experience. you can touch the water and the
computer reablcts to it. you see it working like an ipad interface, in water. the image is projected from above. they also use a connect part of the microsoft game system to detect the fingers and smooth things apart and pick up icons and move them to another part of the back. it is wild. >> i love it. it is great. it is very interactive. i have to wonder, what's the application of it? is that so i can be on facebook while i'm in the bath. >> it is obvious. a game of kids, a rubber ducky. you could think about how this could work. >> raccoons got grapes.
last week for halloween, i wore a really cool costume thanks to something called an eye wound created by digital duds, created by mark rober. hes a member of the former offer the nasa company. the challenge for these guys was that they only had one hour to accomplish their pumpkin masterpiece. >> you know what that was? >> this is probably my favorite, the chocolate fountain. >> are there fish swimming around in that pumpkin? >> it looks as though there are fish. >> this was a competition and one of the judges was martin. >> to tell us who won, we have marked via skype right this
minute. welcome to the show, marc. >> it was a close call. there was a total of 14 pumpkins and third place was the death star. second place was the fondue alien guy and first place was the fish one. bubbles, a peroscope. >> he did that in one hour. >> the pumpkin needs to be carved in the hour. people will prepare beforehand and at home and bring it there. >> the owl, they were using the digital duds eyeball. were they trying to kiss up to the judge? >> that's right. that actually could be but it didn't work. i was an impartial judge. >> what are the rules besides you only have an hour? >> to make it totally creative. there literally are no rules but you have to use the pumpkin you
are given. >> i hope you have not seen the twitter picture of our pumpkin. that's really embarrassing after seeing this. >> we should have mark judge. >> i am sending you the pumpkin picture now. >> by nasa standards, let's see. that one on the left, i've got to say is pretty cool. it is a cool mouth. i'm a fan of the shape and structure on the mouth. so, yeah, i'm going in order from left to right, first, second, third. >> well, i still place. >> that's our show, everybody. we'll see you for the next edition of "right this minute."
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